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About Me

My name is Charles "Vince" Couch and I am running for Congress from district 7, Texas.

I have lived in Bellaire Texas since 1998, I am married to an amazing woman and am the father of a 16 year old daughter.  I've been asked over 100 times why I am running for Congress. To be honest, this is the last thing I want to do. But I am inspired by the Declaration of Independence, which essentially says that if one has the ability to act then he/she has the obligation to act. And the direction of this country is troubling.  

I have many talents and very diverse experience: great problem solver (physicist and mathematician), high school teacher (since 2013), applied mathematician in industry, a significant level of expertise in finance, financial risk management,  econometrics and debt structuring (did so for many cities and housing authorities). I could be very valuable in assisting the government in optimizing spending and reducing deficits.


My education includes degrees in physics (B.S.), math (M.S.) and business (BBA) from the University of Houston. Additionally, I earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in the 90s.

But my greatest qualification is a love for this country and my fellow Americans.  I am currently a high school teacher here in Houston. I want to be part of making the U.S. a better place for future generations. 

I have documented a lot of the U.S. Government performance on key issues - see U.S. Government Report card menu item.

I am not new to trying to make this a better country. In 2006, I created a website called It was voted website of the week by ABC News/PC Magazine and was covered by many news outlets including the National Public Radio, MSNBC and others. This site was discontinued since I could not raise additional funds to support it. 


The most recent work of mine for my country is

 I feel deeply that if the little people like most of us do not hold our elected official accountable, this country will be ruined.


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