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Imagine This

Certainly, I feel confident that if Special Interest Money was out of politics, we would have a better country. And if all politicians agreed to term limits (2 for House members and 1 for Senators), we would also have a better country.

But you need money to tell your story as a political candidate. So, here is an idea. You know the show America's Got Talent, American Idol (there are other shows). So, those that want to be a Congressman would submit an application to be on such show. The contestants would have to make a case why they would be an amazing Congressman (history of integrity, success, skills, education, charitable work, philosophy, etc). The program, with the help of a genius like Mark Burnett, could be incredibly interesting and maybe even entertaining. Judges and viewers would  select the final 6 candidates that would make it to the final race. The final 6 candidates would receive money from the profits of the show to run their campaign. In the end our country would be better off. I don't know. What do you think? Is it too weird. It couldn't be worse than what we have. The powerful special interest groups and political parties fund the campaigns.  Remember, government by the people and for the people (Abraham Lincoln). 

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